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CANE Remembers Commodore Jim McCarthy

Updated: Feb 19

"Dear friends, I am sending you this message as a former Commodore of the Catalina Association of New England. Jim McCarthy (standing left in picture) a former member and officer of Catalina 30- Fleet 12 and the Catalina Association of New England has passed away. Jim was the proud owner of a Cat 30 and Cat 34 both named Finally and most recently sailed out of Marina Bay in Quincy. Jim's leadership was evident when the Fleet decided to expand it's membership to include all Catalina's of New England. He was always involved in Fleet activities including helping to grow technical sessions, expanding cruise destinations, membership growth activities, and planning social events. Jim was an accomplished sailor and a true friend of over 31 years. We were brought together by CANE and spent many times reliving our adventures." -- Scott MacKinlay, CANE Founding Member