*AllCatalinane.org - Members Only Area - Club Communications*

Further explanation and details:

To accomplish the goals outlined in the newsletter (link here), we are transitioning all CANE members to the revamped Members Only area of our website: www.allcatalinane.org 


  • Privacy and Security –  We believe the Members Only area provides controlled privacy and security for our Club members. Email address, phone numbers, home addresses, and dates of meetings and dates of cruises are all behind the secure, encrypted log-in.

  • Inclusivity – 35% of our members were not on the Facebook Group and missed out on much of the prior discussions. We welcome everyone back to the club!

  • Member created content – Every forum post, picture upload, RSVP event, questionnaire, etc.., becomes member created content. This content can then be easily accessed and organized for ongoing club activities.

Activate Your Account

The first step is to activate your account. You can do that here on this website. 

Clicking on any Member Only page will prompt you to a  ‘sign-up’ page.  During the website sign up process, your account requires a one time approval and activation. One of our administrators will confirm your membership and approve your account.  If you have need assistance, please email: webmaster.cane@gmail.com

Website details:

Club Events (Members only pages)

Access to current upcoming events and previous presentations going back to 2016.


Members (members only pages)

  • My Account

  • Membership List - different from Members Profiles. This will be an address book of our members.

  • Club Tools/Library - did you know we have books and tools for loan?

  • Boat Manuals and Resources


Discussion Forums (members only pages)

We have set up broad categories with the Discussion Forums to help organize the content. Click on the follow button to the right which will send you emails when a members posts or comments within the Forum.

  • Categories sort: This organizes the discussion according to the Discussion Forum topics.

  • All Posts sort: organizes all posts and comments Most Recent at the top. 

  • My Posts sort: shows only your posts and comments.

  • Search: type key words in the Search window and find that word where it appears across all discussion forum topics.


Notifications are configurable in "Notification Settings".


Website Public pages: (open to all website visitors)

Portions of the website are viewable to the public to provide just enough information so that visitors can get an idea of how salty we are - & that they are missing out and should join us.​ All the content under "More Information" is public.


Direct Emails

Direct email communications will continue until all members have activated their accounts in the Members Only area on allcatalinane.org. Once that occurs we will re-evaluate the need for direct email and provide further information on a centralized communication method for CANE information.

Officer emails and CANESailor@gmail.com

We’ve implemented the following emails:

The goal with this change is for the membership to be able to email each officer separately, but also to provide continuity between cohorts of officers. 

The generic email CANESailor@gmail.com will still be used and monitored but for business pertaining to the Board as a whole only.

Facebook Group

Facebook Group: this group may be closed in the near future and posts will be redirected to the CANE website. 

Facebook members should follow and “like” the official CANE Facebook Page 

Unlike the CANE Facebook Group, the Official Page is public and will refer potential members to the CANE website for their consideration.


Instagram @canesailor 


Similar to the CANE Facebook Page, our CANE Instagram account serves and information to the public and refers them to our website.


Are you on Instagram? You can help bring awareness to CANE, by tagging your personal sailing photos.   Learn more here.


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