How Do I Join/Renew?





CANE Membership Fees:  

 One year: $45.00 (with Mainsheet) 

                $30.00 (w.o. Mainsheet)

 Two year: $85.00 (with Mainsheet)

                $55.00 (w.o Mainsheet)

 Add a Burgee for an extra $38.00!!!


Mainsheet is a quarterly Catalina Yacht magazine with lots of

 "how to" articles for your boat.

There are three ways to join...


1)   Print out an application form with "print application"              button above and mail check or pay by Pay Pal.


2)  Apply online with the above "online application" button             and mail check or use PayPal


3)  Contact a CANE officer 

       at and he or she will help you


The CANE Constitution was updated at the November 2017 Annual Planning meeting.   The constitution can be viewed here.

CANE  Group Communication


CANE has a private Facebook group that can be accessed  via the button above.  Just ask to join and any member can add you.



Join our google group mailing list by sending an email to

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is simply a program that facilitates the sending of email messages to a large group of people. This is done in an automated fashion. When a message is sent in, it is automatically (and pretty much immediately) forwarded to the group.  If you go to you will see that all of the emails can be read on-line.


How do I post a message? 

If you want to start a new "thread" or discussion topic, you can create a new message with a new subject. Then simply email your message to Or, you could go the on-line version of the forum at Here you can either reply to a topic, or click on Discussions and then +new post,  Be aware that if you REPLY to an email from the group it goes to the entire group.  If you want to reply to a single person you must send an email to just that person

How do I leave the group?
Please don't!   But if you really want to you can either send an email to, or go the the Google site and click "Unsubscribe or Change Membership"

Is there any way to edit my message options?
If you go to the on-line forum at  and click "Unsubscribe or Change Membership" you will get the following options:

  • Receiving no email at all (read on-line)

  • Email (each separate message gets sent to you)

  • Abridged email (a daily summary of messages)

  • Digest email (all messages fully combined into one

Another, rather simple, thing - if your email program supports "rules" you may want to set up a separate folder for CANE list emails. Then simply create a rule to move any emails coming in from the list to that folder. It won't cut down on the messages, but it will make them more organized.

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